Weekly Worship Online

Weekly Zoom Worship

A weekly worship service.

09:30 - 10pm


Weekly Zoom Worship

A weekly worship service.

Meeting ID: 394 325 0125

This week if there is anyone who would like to join in via the phone you can all in on either of the numbers below:


09:30 - 10pm


Reflection on Ascension

David's reflection on Ascension

Inspired Comment


Checkout this inspired sermon.

My good friend Anderson talking about lockdown, omnipresence, honouring our father and mother, and other expendable peoples. 

BCP Morning Prayer

4th Sunday of Easter

Holy Saturday

Prayers and a bible reading for Holy Saturday.

Good Friday Stations of the Cross

Common Worship 'Biblical Stations of the Cross'.  Music from the Ecumenical community of Taizé and images by Caravaggio and others. 

Bible Reading and reflection for maundy thursday

From our reader David Walker

Worship for school

To all my friends at St Thomas' School, I hope you are enjoying the Easter Holidays and you have some fun this weekend. :-) Alex

Daily Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week

Daily Prayer from David and Debra Walker

This Sundays selection of online Worship


Palm Sunday Service with the Bishop of Manchester

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Palm Sunday Eucharist

Alex Celebrating the Eucharist for Palm Sunday

BCP Morning Prayer

Traditional Passion readings from the Book of Common Prayer for the Sunday Next before Easter

Virtual worship

Common Worship morning prayer from your ministry team.  Please forgive the imperfections as we learn the new technology.  As we begin Passiontide we recall the events leading up to the crucifixion.  If you would like to follow the text it can be found in the church of England daily prayer app. 

A Wonderful Sabbath Meal

Join David and Debra for an adaptation of a sabbath meal.